Friday, 17 November 2017

Christmas decoration!

With the festive season just a few weeks away,  the Happy House family is busy getting ready to celebrate.
Uncle Isaac, who is our decorator, is busy doing some painting the house.
Auntie Millicent has all the Christmas gifts ready for each child so Santa's deliveries can go smoothly.
It will be a very special time as the children, previously in our full-time care, who are now living, with our support, with relatives will be coming back  on December 10 for a week-long holiday.
During that time we will have an early Christmas so that all the kids can be together.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

And this week's Star is ...

 On staff meeting day, the aunties gathered for their weekly meeting with Mama.
But there was a surprise in store for one of them.
Uncle Ronnie said: " We had a nice meeting with all Aunties where everyone shared their experiences at work throughout the past week.
"It was a nice meeting filled with laughter and finally Mama said that our star of the week this time is one of the Aunties. 
"The Aunties were silent because they did not expect that to happen and when Mama finally called Aunt Millicent to be the star of the week there was cheering and singing our "hurray" song.
''Auntie Millicent received her reward for her show of ‘girl power’, we encourage our girls and boys to be strong and determined and to show "girl power" or "boy power".
''It was explained that a man visited Happy House during lunch time on Saturday together with his wife who remained in their car while husband had a chat with Mama.
" It was pizza time and after the kids had theirs Mama requested one for the visitor. Before taking it he said that it’s better if the wife joined them and sent Aunt Millicent to get his the wife,  but Aunt Millicent, with all confidence,told the man to go himself because she was his wife .
"To take a stand is unusual for an African woman. It shows empowerment, it’s girl power."

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Snakes alive!

 When the children were enjoying their mid- morning snacks yesterday, they were joined by an uninvited guest.
They spotted a small snake near the primary school and Mr Steve was alerted.
Nervous of snakes, he  plucked up the courage to pick it up and called Auntie Velma  to tell the local Snake Farm and rescue centre.
They sent someone to take it into their care, who also explained that it was a garter snake which is harmless to humans.
Not all snakes in Kenya are harmless, which made Steve cautious about handling it. He was relieved and interested  to hear all about it and handed it over for safe keeping  after posing fora  few pictures!.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Books joy for students

 Secondary school students and teachers were thrilled when an order of new text books arrived.
With form three opening in January,  Mama Sue ordered all the text books the curriculum demands with enough for every student to have a set..
It's an outlay of £800 and students are encouraged to take great care of the books so they can be handed on in future years.
For the Year 3s, the books mean so much and they are grateful to know that they will have the tools they need to help them learn.
Books are not taken for granted. For our scholarship kids, who because of family poverty, have in the past been denied both schooling and books, having the books they need is a source of wonder and pleasure.
If you would like to make a donation to help towards the cost of the books please go to:

Monday, 13 November 2017

Maths magic and pilau!

 Mama planned today to be a special times table fun day
The kids were given a week to prepare and  were toldthe winners of the event would  be taken for an ice cream treat. 
Each kid was issued with a times table sheet so they could practice.
And practice they did for the big day.
All went as planned, the kids were grouped around different tables and were tested with quick answer mathematical questions applying their times table knowledge.
The winners were Teddy, Lily, Glorious, Phiona and John.
There was also a Bingo game and the winner was William.
Sudoku  was a new addition to the games but nobody succeeded in filling it in correctly.
 All kids enjoyed and learnt a lot.
 Aunty Linda, Aunty Caro, Aunty Gussy and Aunty B also joined us at school.
A lunch, a special treat of chicken pilau was served.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The best family, by Reuben

Scholarship student Reuben Kahindi is grateful and proud to be a part of our Happy House family.
I first arrived in Happy House in the year 2015, since then Happy house has developed from a small unknown school into being the number one school. This is  due to the hard work and dedication of the pupils, teachers and the school management.
Our Mama Sue works so hard to make sure all the necessary learning tools are provided.
She focuses on the advancement in technology - we have a fully stocked library,  computer  room, and science laboratory.
We have two smart TVs to enhance our education and they makes learning so much more interesting.
In Happy House we have competent teachers who have taken teaching as a calling not just a job to earn money. They are patient and advise us and do not beat us as happens in some schools so we get good results.
We are a family, the Happy House family, and we work together to assist each other..
There’s no way to explain it all but what I can say is, this is the best family.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Kidz Club fun

Kidz Club this week was full of eager anticipation as the children were excited to be taking part in a times table fun day later in the week. 
Mama Sue invited kids to sharpen their tables skills by illustrating what they know and Benedict stepped up to give a show
 case of his times tables talent!. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Thank you for visiting

 Visitors from Mama's hometown of Manchester came loaded with lovely gifts for our family.
Kevin Murphy his kids Georgina, Abbie, Lily and George,  and Jane Coverdale  enjoyed seeing our home and meeting our family.
Kevin, from Failsworth, said it was lovely to see the great work being done at Happy House.
We are grateful to them for breaking into their holiday to come to see us and for clothing, shoes,accessories and stationery they brought with them
We hope they will remember us, always.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Lessons go on

 While school was taken over by KCPE exams, Happy House became a centre for learning.
Mr Omoi spent time giving computer lessons using the laptops; Mr Paul was helping youngsters with times tables (he's pictured with Khalid) and Auntie B gave Stephano and Prince extra time to concentrate on improving their handwriting.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


With the KCPE exams over and the school once again open to all, there was time to turn attention to getting the children ready for the new school year in January.
This entails moving up to the next class and so with the help of their teachers they were able to move into their new classrooms and learn where they would be sitting.
They were all excited and eager to progress.

The moving process goes on throughout the school and even in the kindergarten there were happy smiling faces as they excitedly went from one classroom to the next.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Family times

How happy we were to welcome the Elliott family when they came to visit the Happy House family yesterday.
Catherine, Simon, Rex and Sophia Elliott, who live in London, are holidaying at Turtle Bay Hotel and they very kindly took time to visit us.
They were impressed by the work being done in  our home and school and were delighted to meet our children. 
We would like to thank them for coming and also to thank them for the gifts of  clothes, dvds, stationery  they brought.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Our baby is one

The youngest member of our big and joyful Happy House family hit one last week
Baby Emmanuel reached his first birthday milestone to much rejoicing from his brothers and sisters at Kidz Club.
Papa Dave had the pleasure of presenting him with his birthday gifts.
Auntie Millicent congratulated the children on keeping theor room neat and tidy.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

A sad past is now behind Mercy

Mercy Peter's life changed the day she was given a free place scholarship in our school.
It gave her the one thing she wanted most - opportunity.
She writes:
In the past I lived in a terrible life
My parents tried their best to give me education but their effort bore no fruit.
Every time I  went to school I was sent back due to not having any school fees.
I had no hope and I knew that I will never achieve my goal.
By good luck I came to do an interview in Hayward’s Happy House and I was given a scholarship. Since that day my education has been so good, I no longer have the problem of being sent home due to school fees and I can no believe that I will achieve my goals.

I had never seen such a school  as this before. It has all the things a pupils needs to help get them through and to pass their exams.  We have computers, smart TV, library, laboratory etc.
Happy House has helped me in every way.. 
Thank you Mama for you support together with everyone who supports our education. 
We must build tow new classrooms on to our secondary school between now and January.
The total cost is £7,000.  We need your help to do this, and we need it today, NOW.
Thanj you.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Community concert boost for appeal

Many thanks to everyone who went along to the monthly Hebden Community Concert  which took place at Cleveleys Workingmen's Club on Wednesday afternoon.
Barbara Hebden, who started the concerts along with her late husband Alan, had arranged for Happy House to benefit from the raffle this month.
Our friend Pauline Royle, who is in Samson's sponsor family, took along the prizes and was happy to tell the gathering what progress has been made at Happy House since our last visit to the concert.
The happy gathering ensured the raffle was well supported and we are grateful to all those who bought and sold tickets, to kitchen staff for donating, to the Barbara for inviting us to be there and to John gave Pauline a helping hand with carrying the prizes and putting up our banner.
£123.11 was raised and will go toward our Classrooms for Kids Appeal to build two new classrooms on our secondary school.
We must have these classrooms finished by January. Please donate at

Friday, 3 November 2017

YOU are family

 Every single person who takes an interest in Happy House, by sponsoring, donating, holding and event, or following the blog matters immensely.
We are the Happy House family, and we like to think of you as members of our family.
Mama Sue believes it's important for the children we help should know about those who help us. She wants them to have a full understanding how, without you, there would not be a Happy House.
She explains to them how hard you work, how generous you are, and how that there is a responsibility on all those who benefit, children and staff, to give their best. To work hard and to do well.
A blog session, led by Mama and Uncle Ronnie, showing the kids some of our recent blogs, reinforced her message and was enjoyed by all.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Nature's way

Happy House kids had a great adventure when they went on a nature walk on Saturday
An excited bunch, they skipped along the paths taking in all they could see, hear and smell around them
The flowers, the insects, trees, and wildlife they encountered as they made their way - touching the plants and smelling the flowers.
There was great excitement when they happened across some very large snails, some beautiful butterflies and a couple of super-sized tortoises.
The happy children and staff went back home relaxed and refreshed after an interesting morning.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Welcome back Mama and Papa

A special Kidz Club gathered to welcome Mama and Papa's return after some time away.
There were apples and biscuits for everyone and a singing competition with the family divided into groups.
Mama's team won! 
At regular Kidz Club last week there were four birthdays celebrated by the family.
 Brian Makosti who was turning 7, Lesley Bahati who is five, , Mwende Kyambi who is 10 and her elder brother Francis who is now 13.  
Birthday kids ictured below are: Top left Lesley, right:Brian; bottom left Mwende, right Francis.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Testing times

Our KCPE exam candidates spent yesterday getting ready for the next few days.
The national exams are held under very close external  scrutiny, with premises under guard.
As only Class Eight and the head teacher are allowed on school premises  during that time, everyone else is back at Happy House.
KCPE exams get started this morning and candidates are ready to tackle the days ahead and to make themselves and happy house proud.
Oher classes teachers have already started the new syllabus for next year and kids are responding well towards and as always we are always thinking ahead. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Big week for Class 8

It's a landmark week for our Primary Class 8.
Today they start their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education national examination with rehearsals when they will be preparing their exam room and their examination materials.
Examinations start tomorrow with mathematics, English and composition.
On Wednesday they have science, Kiswahili and insha writing papers while on Thursday there will be social studies and CRE papers.
Their class teacher, Madam Doris, said:
"They have promised to work very hard to maintain the standards of our school by getting good results.
They have done well throughout the year. 
In their last exam they managed to get a mean score of 367.00 which is also our K.C.P.E target for this year."

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Studying to change my life, by Khamis

Scholarship student Khamis Makau is one of the year eight students who will be taking their KCPE exams when they start tomorrow.
He writes:
I would like to study more so that I can change my life in future.
 Now I am in class eight, I am waiting for the final exam to come this week. 
I am well prepared and me and my fellow candidates have worked hard sowe can all achieve our goals.

Since I was in class one my parents encouraged me so I could have a good life in future. 
I would like to be a pilot when I grow up.
I have young sisters and brothers who are looking to follow me in every step I make in school.
It is for young people like Khamis that we must get the two new classrooms we need for our school.
We have only a a few weeks in which to get them up and open ready for the new school year beginning in January.
The total cost is £7,000 - we still have more than £3000 to raise.
Please, if you can spare anything ( a fiver or a tenner maybe?) please give today at

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A day to remember

 Visitors are always welcome at Happy House and we try to make every visit memorable.
Not that we have to do much, seeing our children so happy, healthy and enjoying life touches hearts and makes the best kind of memories.
We were delighted to welcome Anita Patel who visited with her father Babu, her mother Raksha and her cousins, Atul and Smruti who live in Nairobi.
They bought cartons of clothing for our kids, biscuits and balloon.
The enjoyed playing and singing with the children and then helped to distribute biscuits which were enjoyed by all.
Thank you all for coming to see us, we hope you will come back one day soon.

Friday, 27 October 2017

With love from Betty

Lovely Betty Hatch is always checking up on what we need for our kids.
As soon as she knows, she's off out shopping seeking out the best bargains. 
Underwear, clothes, pencils and Christmas decorations were all included in the latest parcel to arrive with love from Betty in Essex, affectionately known at Happy House as "Bargain Betty" for her legendary shopping skills!
She not only pays postage, she pays the cost of import duty as well.
Her kindness is so appreciated.
And there's great excitement at Happy House because  the family knows that Betty and her son Paul will be arriving to visit in January.
The welcome mat is ready and waiting ...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

End of term nears

ll is going well in school where end of term exams have taken place and our students are eagerly anticipating their results.
They have worked hard and we are sure they will meet expectations, writes Mr Paul
Students are now preparing for the next level when they go up into a new class next term.
in KG3, our youngsters are preparing for graduation to primary school. A big event for them.  
All the school is getting ready for the end of term closing day ceremony.
Class Eight, of KCPE flag bearers, are still busy revising whilst waiting for the starting whistle to be blown by the exam council early next month.
They are all working very hard towards this landmark.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

School Report: Teddy's a top talker

Scholarship student Teddy is talking his way to success.
Teddy, who will be sitting his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination next month, has been hailed as one of the best speakers in the educational sub-cluster division.
He has represented our Happy House in the schools debating competition winning through both inter-schools and  sub- cluster and is now set for the sub-county contest.
We now hope he will win that and go through to county level.
Well done Teddy

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Seaside fun in the sun

There was time to cool down and chill out for our kids on Saturday when they went down on the beach to play.
A excited bunch they walked from Happy House to the beach near Sun Palms Hotel, where they were able to swim or splash about the Indian ocean.
They played games on the beach and loads of fun before heading back to Happy House in time for lunch, tired and happy after a splendid morning.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Autumn evening boosts classroom fund

 Students From Saint Aidan’s CE Technology College in Preesall celebrated autumn when they took over a hotel restaurant for the night,
K53 and K54 students cooked, prepared and served a three course meal to 156 guests at The Villa Hotel in Wrea Green, one of the Fylde coasts premier country house hotels
Under the expert guidance of  Mrs Joanne Rossall,TLC Design & Technology.
Previously organising an event a requirement for her GCSE students which led to the collaboration with the Villa several years ago.
Every year since then, her students have present a dinner for parents, staff and friends covering every aspect of the events from planning, front of house, cooking, service and entertainment. 
This year, organising an event is no longer a required element of the syllabus, but Mrs Rossall thought it too valuable an experience for students to let it drop and asked her headteacher, Andy Smith, if she could do it anyway - only involving a much wider range of students of different ages.
Each one taking part had to apply for a job and go through a job interview with Mrs Rossall before being given a role to play.
The result was a fabulous evening of tasty food and friendly service complimented
by  and art display Year 7and9 students and Year 10 GCSE candidates and entertainment by the music department.
The evening took autumn as its theme with table decorations and menu to reflect the season.
St Audan's is a great friend of Happy House - Mrs Rossall's K7 sponsors Stevie Karisa -  our charity was chosen to benefit from the raffle.
Our UK voluntary coordinator Elizabeth Gomm and Jackie Fineman, who sponsors Charity and Stevie Ndoro,went along to support the evening.
"It was a lovely evening. The students took on a mammoth task and did it brilliantly. Mrs Rossall and the school have every reason to be proud of them.
"We are delighted with the £389 raised. Every penny will go into our Classrooms for Kids Appeal. Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and to all the Mrs Rossall, her students, Villa staff and school staff who made it all happen. You have taken us a step nearer to starting the build next month and having the classrooms complete for the start of the new school year in January."
* To make a donation to Classroom for Kids please go to:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

My exams. by Faith

Scholarship student Faith will be talking her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam next month - an important milestone in the life of every Kenyan child.
She writes: 
 I have been studying from class 1-8. I have been studying and reading a lot of books so I  am now glad to be nearing my KCPE.
My teachers have taught me many things like how to write a composition, social and even English.
I have set goals  for myself, My goal is to achieve 450 marks.
Teachers have taught me a lot. I have read many books.
What I believe  that with hard work I can do well world.
 I believe in myself  and that with my efforts and the help of God I will pass my exams. 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Birthday boys

 Two birthdays, two boys, five years apart!
Samson turned 15 this week while Thomas Safari reached his fifth birthday milestone.
They celebrated with the family at Kidz Club on Tuesday when they received their gifts.
Happy birthday boys.
With just a month or so  until we need to start building, our Classrooms for Kids appeal fund is growing - but there is still a long way to go,
We now have £3586  towards the £7000 we so desperately need to add two new classrooms to our secondary school.
If you could spare £5 or £10 towards the build you would be taking us ever nearer our target. 
To donate online please go to: