Monday, 27 March 2017

Neema comes back home

We have had huge success in reuniting children in our care, some for up to six years, with relatives who are now able to give them a home.
We do not only support their education and healthcare, we are also tenacious in monitoring the progress of each and every one,
Following up each child, with home and school calls and visits, ensures Mama and her team know exactly how each child is doing at any given time.
It's not a case of settling school fees and medical costs, it is much more. To Mama it is about the whole child and how they are.
Margaret, who went to live with an Uncle and Aunt more than an year ago, to be joined later by her little sister Neema, has now moved in with another auntie in Malindi as there was no secondary school nearby.
She is settled, but the auntie didn't have room for Neema too who was struggling..
So Mama felt it was in Neema's best interests to come back to Happy House to be amongst her Happy House "sisters" and "brothers", the little people she had grown up with.
The Uncle and Aunt who had given her a home agreed it would be best for her and
Neema arrived back on Saturday to a big kiss from Mama,.
"She was so happy, she ran off to play as though she had never been away," said Mama.
"Once at Happy House kid ..."

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A golden chance, by Moses

Moses and his brothers have received an extra helping of our Happy House magic this week, as Mama has helped them move into a new and more secure home.
As reported on yesterday's blog she has also given his eldest brother a job to help him to provide for his two younger siblings.
Moses, who has great academic ability  has been on our scholarship scheme since 2915. He passed his KCPE with flying colours and is now in Form 2 of our Secondary School. He is grateful to be regarded as a member of our family.
He writes:
What a golden chance it is to be a member of the Happy House family.
It is a place where children who had no hope nor education are being given  a bright future with hope and with goals they can strive to attain.Led by our kindly Mama Sue and Papa Dave we are being provided with all the encouragement and teaching to help us reach our goals.
They do whatever is needed to make our lives good,
At Happy House school we have breakfast club which feeds us good food to give us strength so as to perform  well in class.
Also at our school there are the best teachers ever!After doing an exam in school  Mama Sue talks to us in an  an academic clinic and emphasises the importance of working hard.

She cares how we are doing at home when not in school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Sue, sponors and and everyone who
does all they can to make sure that this scholarship scheme continues and for giving us this wonderful opportunity to make our life bright.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Moses gets his smile back

The worry and heartache of living in extreme hardship was telling on Moses face.
An extremely bright and talented young scholarship student, with his heart set on being a doctor,  Mama noticed he was looking thin and the light that had shone so brightly from the boy, had dimmed almost to nothing.
In school, his marks had dropped five places.
Worried something must be wrong, Mama asked him to come for a chat,
"I talked to him and he says the place he is living is not good, lots of people are drunk and drugs are everywhere.
He has found a better room with a small bathroom and electricity. 
Mr Isaac, our headteacher,  went and checked it out, and has spoken to the landlord. The rent is 2,500/- per month, and the bond is also 2,500/- 
I have  paid that and also given bought three mattresses, as he has two brothers one older and one younger. 
We have made up a pack of sheets, towels, soap, toothpaste and brushes. We have also added a bag of ugali flour.
 Isaac the older brother does odd jobs wherever he can pick up some work. If he gets it they eat if he doesn’t they don’t, so Moses was having meals here at school but nothing else,
I spoke to Isaac who he says he does painting so we have given him a month's  work, painting the outside of Happy House, plus lunch.
He is thrilled.
They moved on Tuesday evening.
I saw Moses the following morning in school and oh he was happy.
I said what did you have for dinner, his eyes were shining as he said rice and fish!
Isaac is here painting away on the outside of the building.
I am sure we can get them on their feet. 
For 8,000/- , that's £63,  we have really turned their lives around. 
Isn’t it just amazing!''

Friday, 24 March 2017

Right little royals!

A recent delivery of dresses and shorts from our own royal dressmaker are a huge hit with the little people in our family.
Margaret Sumpter from Dagenham, who in her younger days worked for royal dressmaker, Norman Hartnell, and stitched dresses for the Queen, and her daughter, Dawn Szpak, who sponsors Mercy Chagawa, have made another batch of colourful clothes for our children.
They also made some useful bags and added some leggings to their consignment.
Our picture shows Natasha , Sudi ,Diana, Rose, Lydia, Saumu, Daudi, David, Baraka and Faith modelling the lovely items.
Thank you to Margaret and Dawn for once again helping to keep our kids dressed like royalty!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Birthday triple act

Three Happy House children celebrate their birthdays this week.
Mama, Papa and Auntie Rose were happy to present the happy trio with their bags of gifts,
First up was Suleiman Safari who posed with Papa for a picture, after the family greeted him with birthday songs; then came Eric Safari who received his present from Auntie Rose and last, by not least, was Joyce Mona who went to Mama for her gift,
Kidz Club is always a cheerful gathering and a chance for everyone to share their news. Mama spoke words of encouragement to the children who will be taking their end of term exams next week.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

School Report: Motor on!

 School is now in the 12th week of term and the everyone is as busy as ever, writes Madam Neema.
The baby class had a lesson playing with coloured bricks which helps them to identify colours and to strengthen their fine motor skills as they manipulate  the bricks and also encourages them to share with each other.
Kg 1 had training on eye hand co-ordination  copying work from the board to their exercise books and they are responding well.
 They also attend computer lessons every Wednesday and they really enjoy painting and drawing and using the different PC roms.
Kg 2 pupils are having  addition and subtraction lessons to cement their foundation in mathematics.
Generally everything is running smoothly at school as teachers and pupils are busy preparing for end term exam.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pulling out the stops for Happy house

It was in the summer of 2010, a few months after the Happy House opened that  Lesley and Alan Pidcock visited for the first time, along with their daughter Kathryn.
Since that time, they have been wonderful friends to our family - sponsoring Janet, Natasha Thoya, who is now reunited with her mum, and latterly Priscilla.
They have also supported Happy House  events and, when living in the UK, Lesley much to raise money including asking for donations instead of gifts for her 50th birthday.
Being a part of the Happy House family has brought them lasting friendships.
Lesley and Alan, who live in Saudi Arabia where Alan works, are making their first visit back in a couple of weeks time and looking forward to seeing  for themselves how the Happy House has grown and developed.
And determined to help as much as they can, they are fundraising in Saudi -   raising the equivalent of approximately £1440 so far, with the main event still to come.
Thrilled with the support she is receiving, Lesley has sent this update:
"It has been a busy week.
On Tuesday I went to speak to the Mums and Tots group who are keen to arrange a little sponsored toddle for the little ones, 
 On Wednesday, I met with the children of the youth club who are very keen to take part in a sponsored carry a bucket of water race. 
I have had a number of donations , 2070 SAR from various colleagues and friends who will not be around on our fun day
 A friend of mine left here last week and left me boxes of bric-a-brac to sell for the charity, I had my first sale on Friday and another 725 SAR was donated with more sales to come this week.
The biggest donation so far has come from a social event held on Friday night, where Pete Travis was the auctioneer of return airfare to the UK this ticket raised a total of 3,900SAR .
In the picture  are Ben Boyd (the donor), myself and Pete Travis.
Things we have planned for this week - Saturday's fun day with stalls, raffle, music; the youth club's sponsored walk and soak an exec where the managers are going to be auctioned off to go in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at them.
I have been so overwhelmed by the kind generosity of everyone and the support from the management, our friends, work colleagues and neighbours." 
Well done Lesley, your hard work is certainly paying dividends for our Happy House family. Thank you and all those who are backing your efforts..