Friday, 22 September 2017

Table talk

Our carpenter, Uncle Charo, is busy making tables for our two school study rooms.
An experienced craftsman, Uncle Charo designs all the furniture he makes for Happy House;
He is assisted by Uncle Emmanuel.
The tables will ensure proper sitting positions during the lessons undertaken in the stufy rooms.
The workshop was very noisy when Mr Omoi called in to take pictures as they were reaching the stage were the pieces were being put together

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Kids Council shake-up

Kids Council has been causing some concern as Mama and Uncle Ronald felt they were not performing their duties as expected, some involved in minor cases like not finishing teachers work. 
When they join Kids Council they know they are expected to be role models to the other children. 
Mama and uncle Ronnie agreed to suspend the whole kids council and  to start afresh.
Uncle Ronnie said: "We had a serious talks with them and Mama invited Evans who had been an active member and chairman of the kids council during his time at the Happy House Home to come along and talk to the group. He explained what a kids council member is supposed to be and above they should be loving and caring to all the kids.
In addition, I took them through the importance of being in the kids council, their roles and responsibilities and the qualities of a good leader. 
Mama reminded them how  excellent the previous kids council had been and that they will have to learn a lot from them, and with Evans as a mentor they can approach him during their free time at school for more assistance."
After the talk, four children were chosen to form the council:  Brian Isiaho, Samson, Jacinta and John.
There is still room for more to join when the time is right.
Brian, Samson, Jacinta and John will be meeting Evans and Uncle Ronnie for more talks and guidance just to make sure they are in the right track.

Fund grows ... but a long way to go

With just a couple of months until we need to start building, our Classrooms for Kids appeal fund is growing - but there is still a long way to go,
We now have £2689 towards the £7000 we so desperately need to add two new classrooms to our secondary school/
If you could spare £5 or £10 towards the build you would be taking us ever nearer our target. 
To donate online please go to:

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

School Report: Wake up results

 There was great excitement at  Happy House School as the results for the third term wake-up exam were officially released in the presence of Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Uncle Ronald, reports Mr Moshe.
Students did well and were congratulated, and class trophies were awarded.
Class Four (left) emerged the best class in upper primary.
Classes six, seven and one were all much improved on their previous performance.
Class two (right) received the trophy for the best class in lower primary and were thrilled.
Classes six, seven and one were all much improved on their previous performance but class seven (below left)  was awarded the trophy for the most improved.
Pastoral care
Every Friday, after assembly, when pupils are assembled in the banda we concentrate on pastoral care and moulding our family holistically.
There is a reading from the bible with guidance and counsel given using the reading as the theme.
This is a special time for students and staff.

Wish listIf anyone is travelling to visit Watamu and Happy House in the weeks leading up to our family Christmas on December 11 and would like to take something for our kids, Mama has a most wanted list.
The following items are badly needed and would be very much appreciated:  Girls' knickers and boys underpants aged 1-5; leeggings for the girls, aged 12-15 years; tee shirt for boys 10-15 years. 
We are grateful for anything, any colour and size as we always have someone it will fit! We also need school bags, and croc-type shoes.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Autumn update

What's happening at Happy House now and plans for the future - including Christmas - are all in the news Mama Sue brings to you in a special video today.
Please take a few minutes to watch it and to share it with your friends on social media sites.
We are making changes to children's lives very single day, and we rely on you to help us spread news of the work we are doing.

If you can help us by making a  donation to our appeal to raise £7,000 for two new classrooms (and no amount is too small) please make an online donation at:

Monday, 18 September 2017

Bella pasta

 Our kids had a chance to sample some authentic Italian cooking when our good friend Susanna Gregorio spent a morning in our kitchen.
Susanna, from Milan, who is guardian to Levian, who attends our school, cooked up a rich tomato sauce.
Sun ripened tomatoes are abundant, and she used the freshly picked fruits to work her magic which resulted in a very tasty sauce
Served up with pasta, it was a huge hit with out kids.
Thank you Susanna for giving up your time to come and cook for us and to show our cooks another way to make tomato sauce.
We need your help
We must raise £7000 to build and furnish two classrooms for our secondary school by January,With your help we will do it. Any amount, no matter how small, will take us a step nearer our goal.To donate online go to:

Sunday, 17 September 2017

The place to be, by Phillip

Happy House is the best place to be.
My name is Phillip and I am a scholarship kid at Happy House School/
I really enjoy the the Happy House way of life, It is not like anything I have known before.
Our great Mama Sue has done so much, we even have two study rooms with Smart televisions, this shows just someone who is really concerned about the giving her students the best chance to learn
These tvs are linked with internet whereby we are able to search anything we need to know in our studies.
Our brilliant teachers  have even taught us some life saving skills.
Most pupils are performing well because of the influence and courage given  to them by the school and specifically by Mama.
I would like to say thank you to her for all she does.
Please help
We must raise £7000 to build and furnish two classrooms for our secondary school by January,With your help we will do it. Any amount, no matter how small, will take us a step nearer our goal.To donate online go to:

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Welcome for our guests

 We had a wonderful kids club on Tuesday with the pleasure of having Linda's friend Teresa and her grandchildren present.
Our kids gave them a warm welcome to the family.
The kids were also reminded to work very hard to brighten their future.