Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Celebration for teachers

Our teachers had a special treat when Mama and Papa invited them to their home for a party. The event was celebrate their efforts which resulted in our students gaining outstanding results in the 2016 KCPE exams.
Mr Laurent reports: "It was a day to be merry for members of the teaching staff in Happy House. This celebration of our school being recognised by the heads of education in the county as a pacesetter in academics 
Besides the presence of our cheerful Mama and Papa Dave and their friends Mark and Thalia, were Aunties Rose and Velma,  and teaching staff ranging from those in the kindergarten, through the primary school, to high school,
The party mood came to life through great music and dancing for all.
Papa Dave organised party games  It was Papa’s quick-fired questions  in the "Yes or No " game, that brought out the mental genius in him.
After the games came time to eat and Mama’s cooking was great in the real sense of the word. That is why first servings were follwed by second and, for many, a third
The party then moved to the swimming pool. 
And it was from here that this special gift from our caring Mama and the eventful day came to an end. 
As everyone dispersed our inner eyes focused on another day, another party, but what remained clear was another excellent result."

Monday, 27 February 2017

Welcome home Uncle Ronnie

Welcome home Uncle Ronnie.
We are delighted to bring you the news that Uncle Ronnie will be returning to our family as social worker,
It exactly a year since he went back to college after 12 months placement at Happy House working alongside Mama and Uncle Billy.
Now, following Uncle Billy's resignation for personal reasons, Uncle Ronnie will be working on a part-time basis until the end of this semester in April when he will then become full-time.
He will continue his studies at evening classes to complete his degree.
The children are thrilled to see him. When they returned from activities at school on Saturday morning, Mama told them Uncle Ronnie was in the office.
"There was much laughing and squealing everyone pushing each other to be the first to see  him.
"He is so happy to be back.  I do things during the week and then we talk it through on a Saturday. He is so good with the kids,'' said Mama.
It really is like coming home for Ronnie, who knows and understands many of our children so well, and he is looking forward to getting to know those who have joined us since he left.
We know that you, too, will be delighted he is back home. It will be he who will be going through your emails, letters etc with your sponsor children, explaining anything they don't understand,  and will be keeping you up to date with their news.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

My teacher, by Lilian Rehema

Judging from this very informative blog, scholarship student Lilian Rehema has the making of a reporter!
Her blog is all about her teacher.
My class teacher is called Mr Karani. He is 28 years old.
Mr Karani teaches us science. He is a good teacher. 
Mr Karani  is as tall as a flag post  and he is as brown as the soil.
Mr Karani lives in Watamu. He is a Christian and he goes to church every Saturday and Sunday. 
He wakes up early in the morning to prepare himself to come to school. 
Mr Karani likes making funny faces and he is a humble teacher. He likes the colour red.The house of Mr Karani is built of blocks. 
He has a daughter called Eosophugus .His daughter is five years old .

Saturday, 25 February 2017

An essential today

Our Lets Do IT school computer appeal has risen to £615.
Thanks to everyone who has given to the appeal which has to raise £3,500 to repair and add computers to our school computer room.
We need enough machines for every pupil taking a class, so they no longer have to share.
Learning IT will give these kids a headstart in the jobs market when they enter the workplace at the end of secondary school.
Every class from kindergarten upwards are learning computer skills in our school.
Please can you spare a few pounds, euro or dollars to help?

Every donation, no matter how small, will make a huge difference to the young people of today who will, in turn, make a difference to their world tomorrow.
Young people like, Gabriel, a second year secondary student on a free place scholarship.
Before he became one of our first scholarship students, he was working on a building site trying to help buy food for his family.  He was desperate to be in school, but denied a place in a Government because he had no money to pay.
Without Happy House intervention he would have remained on the scrapheap of life  
Now he has opportunity,hope and a bright future,
Gabriel writes:
I am so happy to be in Happy House. Here we have  so many things that  make my study to be smooth. 
We all know that in this world of today computers are essential. I am fortunate to write this using a computer.
For a person to get a job he or she must have learnt computer.
So please can you help us. 
We need more computers because we do not have enough and have to share in computer lessons.
We ask you to help us if you can so that we can do better in our studies.
We will, at the time when we will go out to work, know how to use computers and we will help our economy and raise up our country.
Thank you for always assisting us. God bless you.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Birthday boy Elijah

 All the visitors we have been getting lately have been thrilled with the way our children like to sing their special welcome  song.
Mark and Thalia Ventura who are holidaying at Turtle Bay joined the family at Kids Club and it was their turn to be welcomed in song.
Marc and Thalia, who live in Brighton, have known Sue and Dave since 2007 and over the years have done much to support her Happy House in the years since.
Regular visitors to Turtle Bay, it is lovely for Mama, Papa and the children to see them again.
This week, Elijah is celebrating his birthday and Thalia was happy to take on the task of presenting him with his birthday gift bag.
Happy birthday Elijah. 


We  are appealing for your help to buy five new computers and to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing stock.
This will ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays and slows their learning.
It will cost £3,500 to buy what we need and we need YOU to help us do it, please.
Every donation, how ever small, will help get us towards our target,

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Computer fun gets cake boost

Our mission equip our computer room with enough machines to ensure that kids in class no longer have to share has been given a helping hand.
Carol Sohier, a great friend from Jersey, held a cake and coffee morning for friends raising £200 for our Let's Do IT computer appeal.
Carol's donation brings our current total to £390 - 11%  towards our target of £3,500.
Mama Sue was thrilled with the donation from Carol and friends, which was delivered personally by carol who is holidaying in Watamu.
Carol made lots of cakes which were a huge hit with her generous guests.
Carol said: "A coffee morning is a great way to raise funds as it's enjoyable catching up with friends for a good old chat while enjoying a cup of coffee and a nice piece of cake.
 One friend donated even more to take a piece home for her husband and two granddaughters. 
Also on the back of that coffee morning " a very nice man, Ted" asked if I could make him a malted chocolate cake to take to his daughter's at Christmas for which he paid handsomely! 
So it's a very big thank you to my friends for their kindnesss."
Our thanks go to Carol and to all our friends for their kindness towards our family.
Maybe YOU could follow Carol's lead and host a gathering for friends to help take us further towards our target, or perhaps you have another idea for fundraising or would just like to make a donation.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

School Report: Finger art and plea for computer cash

 It has been a good week in school and the learning process is progressing well with all our children, writes Md Louisa.
 Every student and pupil is busy revising for the mid-term exams.
The playgroup has been busy doing finger printing with their teacher, Md. Sarah.
This helps them in coordinating eye and hand as well as firming the fingers.
K2 have been doing creative lessons, printing of different patterns, including star, apple, fish and crab shapes,with Md. Louisa. 
The lessons have been a big hit with the kids as they are able to print different shapes on their own.


In a world where computer technolgy dominates our lives, it is viatal that our HappyHouse kids have the skills to use it.
We need to buy five new computers and  to buy three CPUs to refurbish existing ones to ensure our school's dedicated computer room has enough machines for each child when lessons take place there.
At the moment they are having to share, which causes delays.
The total cost of buying what we need is £3,500.