Thursday, 19 April 2018

Welcome Auntie Dawn

 Our very good friend Dawn Heather White, Auntie Dawn to our kids, is back for a visit.
And this week she was VIP guest at Kidz Club where she received a very warm welcome from all our family.
Everyone was so happy to see her back again that the kids decided to hold a singing competition between the boys and girls and Mama Sue asked her to be the judge.
The girls and boys each sang a song and they did a surprise dance for Auntie Dawn.
At the end of the show the boys were announced as winners.
 Papa’s army of littlies was not left behind as they marched singing the Leeds fans anthem, Marching On Together.
Auntie Dawn presented the birthday gift to Michael, who is turning three this week.  The whole family sang him the birthday songs.
We would like to thank Auntie Dawn for the lovely gifts of books and necessities she brought for our children.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A trip to the dentist

A trip to the dentist meant an early start on Saturday for Mama, Papa, Auntie Millicent and six of our children.
Janet, Edward, Musyoka, Gift and Mwede all needed extractions, Diana 's teeth were ok.
Mama said: ''The kids were just brilliant. Only Musyoka and Janet had been to a dentist before, no one cried or fussed, they just did as they were asked.
" I felt so proud of them.
 "The cost for eight baby teeth to be removed was 9,000/- , that;s the equivalent of £64 ,
"I pleaded the case that all the children were from the Happy House Children’s Home, and a discount of 3,000/- was received, brigning it down to £43. Still expensive, when we have more children who have overcrowded mouths and will need extractions..
 '' We are so grateful to everyone who has donated towards our medical costs. Thank you."

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Exam talk

Talking over their children's school reports is important for every parent.
For Mama Sue, it is no different. She just has a lot more kids than most!
So as is the Happy House way, she and Uncle Ronnie have been talking with individuals about their exam results, the challenges faced and how best we can work together to help them improve their performance.
Uncle Ronnie says: " It really motivates kids to work extra hard.
 Most important is that during these talks we encourage them and instill confidence and self-belief.
Sometimes kids fail to well in their exams because of slight mistakes or not taking care in reading the questions and answering correctly,
The most recent exams provided an additional challenge in that we have dispensed with multiple choice answers to eliminate any guesswork.
There was a slight drop generally as some sponsors may have noticed when thet have received their child's exam results.
Now the kids have a real grasp of what is expected we are hoping for an overall improvement in their results next term."

Monday, 16 April 2018

Demonstrating their skills

Looking back at what they have been learning about computers ended the week on a high for our Happy House kids.
On Friday, several youngsters put on presentations for Mama, Papa and the family to illustrate how much they had gained from holiday activities geared to increase their computer skills.
They showed how they could use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, email and the internet.
Uncle Ronald says: "It was fantastic, the kids did it very well. With the help of their fellow students and the teachers our kids had really learnt a lot just  one week.
Rukia and Musyoka did presentations on using email, Florence handled PowerPoint whilst Natasha Franco's presentation was on Word.  John showed how to sue the internet and how to download items, whilst Benedict's presentation was on Excel.
There will be more demonstrations of skill as the holiday programme is on going and the kids are enjoying every minute.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Our home, by Musyoka

I just want to tell you about how the Happy House is such a nice home for every one
I have been in this home for many years but I have come to find out that it is one of the best homes in the world, it is so brilliant
We have the help of Mama and our Papa and not forgetting our Uncle Ronnie who is so special and interactive with all the kids.
He is one of the best friends I have ever seen, he can easily talk to kids and also counsel them on how to live with others in a good way
Mama has benefited more than 200 kids who have come from difficult backgrounds and she has shown a very good example to all of the people.
May bless them and give them a long life for them to see our future 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Computer fun

 Kids love computers and we are using the school holidays to brush up on their computer skills. 
The high school scholarship students are coming in to assist the primary pupils.
This time we only have the home kids as the government is not allowing children to go into school in the holidays.
We have different groups at different stations being helped by their fellow kids under the supervision of the teachers.
Different programmes are in place for all the age groups.
 At the end of the holiday we will have presentations done by the kids to see how effective the exercise has been,
Our kids like learning computers and are really enjoying the activities they are having. Mama always tells them that computers are being used everywhere nowadays and it is very important for them to have the computer knowledge and skills because these will play a huge part in their futures,
Many schools around do not have computers. 
Being a Happy House kid is a golden opportunity for all the children as they  can access resources like the computers as early as from the KGs.
 At the moment we have only twenty five working computers to serve a growing number of children. 
Some of them have been in use for years and we are trying to keep them going for as long as we can. But we know their life is limited as we are allready experiencing challenges with some of them.
We are  thankful to everyone who has helped us to quip our school and our computer room and who make it possible for Happy House kids to have a head start in technology.
It is already making a difference to their lives.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Fun in the sun

 Our kids had a splashing time when they spent a ,morning on the beach.
With the sun so hot, trips to the beach take place early in the morning to ensure they are back home by the time the sun is at its strongest.
After a happy walk from home to the beach, they splashed or swam in the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean, made sandcastles, played games.
When it was time to go home, the older ones helped the little ones to get ready for the walk back to Happy House ready for a shower and change of clothes before lunch.