Monday, 16 January 2017

Listen and learn

On Saturday morning school takes a different turn.
Scholarship kids and Happy House children join together for all kinds of interesting and stimulating activities,
This weekend teachers spent time helping kids who need a bit of extra help while in other parts of school there were motivational sessions.
Francis, a scholarship student who is in form 2 secondary school, spoke to primary pupils urging them to work hard and take their education seriously.
He told them that education is something that no one could take away from them and to value every moment as it was their way to ensure a brighter and better future.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our laboratory by Rita

Scholarship student Rita loves learning science and being able to put theory into practice with practical experiments in our laboratory.
The lab, funded by Blackpool Soroptimist's Christine Walker Memorial Fund, is in use every day.
Rita writes: I am happy to write  this blog. Our lab is next to the secondary school.
 It is  a large room painted in white colour.
It has three windows and one blackboard.
At the centre of the lab, there is a wide  bench table surrounded by stools.
 In addition to that there is a small table for teacher, Mr Laurent, and a chair. 
Also we have a lot of apparatus found in the lab e.g. beakers, test tubes, bunsen burners and other items. 
All the sciences are done in the lab and we enjoy them very much.
 Many visitors enjoy coming to our lab to look at how our beautiful lab is.
 There is no other beautiful lab in the society like ours. 
We thank all those who participated in building our lab and we appreciate them. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mama's empty nest

Poor Mama's suffering from empty nest syndrome as the last of her babies left at home at the Happy House has started school this week.
Elizabeth Anne, 18 months, joined the playgroup class in school and is settling in well.
With Nicholas, two months her junior, walking first and starting playgroup last term, Elizabeth (left) was on her own in the baby banda.
Now she's found her feet, Mama and Uncle Billy agreed it was time for her to join her peers and teacher Md Sarah was delighted to have another fledging in her class.
It's early days for Elizabeth but she's doing fine,  while for Mama it's another story.
Mama always has a huge workload, but after the long school holiday with kids around all the time, the Happy House seems so very quiet.
Luckily, school just a few minutes away she can pop down any time she wishes!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Time for a cuddle

After a long day at school, one little boy needed to curl up on Mama's lap for a cuddle during in Kidz Club this week.
Abdulmalik found a nice cosy place in Mama's arms as she spoke to  the first Kidsz Club gathering at Happy House of the new school term.

Mama talked to the kids about working hard at school, doing their homework and staying focussed.
Head teacher Mr Isaac also spoke to them in a motivational and encouraging way.
Margaret who is back at Happy House after passing her KCPE to join Form 1 of secondary school was welcomed.
There is no secondary school close to where her Uncle and Aunt live so Mama has ensured she can continue her education at Happy House.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thank you for our books

For the young people on scholarships in our school education is their only road out of poverty.
And once on that road, they need the vehicles to help them complete their journey - books.
Back in November, we launched a Buy a Book Appeal to raise £2000 to cover the cost of text booksfor every student in our Form 2  secondary school which would open when the 2017 academic year started this month, plus the books needed by their subject teachers.
By Christmas, thanks to YOU, we had acheived our target.
Now settled back into school, the youngsters are excited to be using the books you bought them and in today's video Mama and the kidsexpress their thanks to everyone who supported our appeal.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

School Report: Helping hands

Auntie Coral
 Volunteers play a big part in our school assisting teachers wherever they can.
And as pupils have returned to begin another academic year, Auntie Coral and Auntie Gussy are back in class.
Coral Blackhurst has been volunteering for several years now and the kids are always pleased to see her when she returns to Happy House school.
Auntie Gussy
Coral, who at one time owned a nursery in Preston, is a wonderful storyteller and also has a huge bank of action and counting songs to share.
Auntie Coral also works with children who, through no fault of their own, have missed out on schooling and need some help to catch up with their peers in literacy and numeracy.
Gussy Bunbury, has experience of working in special needs schools, and uses her strengths to help little ones who have special needs and other little ones who need a bit of extra in put.
Meanwhile, across our schools youngsters have resumed serious  and focused studies. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Juicy treat

Juicy pineapple is in season right now in Kenya and the kids absolutely love it.
It's refreshing and thirst-quenching after a busy morning of play.
On Saturday, there was pineapple all round thanks to a donation from Angela Carmon, who is in the sponsor families of Natasha Franco and Neema John.
Angie wanted the kids to have a fruity treat and Mama chose pineapple because it is so abundant making it the flavour of the month
Thank you Angie, everyone enjoyed it.